It’s the same ingredient elite athletes use and you have it too!

Build these skills into habits and future proof your year

Six Exclusive Habits That Will Double Your Success in 2021

Why you need to create helpful habits

With 2021 upon us and another year of uncertainty, change and flexibility required, it is the perfect time to take stock of our progress, goals and desires. Furthermore, to determine what specific habits will be most useful to thrive and succeed in the year ahead.

Your thoughts influences your results which is why you must learn how to transform your limiting beliefs

If you believe you can do something or believe you cans’t, chances are you will prove yourself right either way. Thinking you aren’t good enough to get a new job will probably mean you won’t apply. Believing you aren’t smart enough to make money will limit your income. …

And how you can free yourself from self-limiting identities

What does success look like to you?

What does success mean to you? What does it look like and do you have your own version of absolute success? Wherever you are on your journey, there is one major hurdle to be aware of. That one hurdle is the labels you consistently use about yourself.

Your labels keep you stuck in your current identity

Your labels start…

What can we learn from the natural world?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much we can learn from nature and the animal kingdom? We can learn incredible lessons about cultivating patience, the art of perseverance, consistency and why repetition is crucial. Furthermore, the essential keys…

There is a world of possibilities and achievements awaiting

Use these three steps to get more done in less time

Boosting Productivity with a Simple to use Formula

Your mindset shapes your relationship with the world and with yourself.

What is a Growth Mindset and why do we need one?

What is a mindset?

To answer the question what is a growth mindset, we must first answer the question, ‘What is mindset?’ Next, understand what is a growth mindset or in my world, a Mindset for Success? I wrote extensively about what is a Mindset for Success in a previous article. Simply stated, a…

How to avoid losing trust, confidence, results and the success you desire

The True Cost of Failing to be Consistent

How consistent are you in your life?

We often laugh at ourselves for failing to be consistent, yet again. However, there are huge costs for failure in this department. Moreover, I believe, once we understand the true costs, it becomes a huge driver to up the level of consistency. Furthermore, being selective about what you are consistent…

How to tap into your greatest resource — your mind

Your Amazing Subconscious Mind

Mandy Napier

Known as the ‘Mindset Alchemist,’ Mandy Napier is a Global Mindset & Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, Educator, Facilitator and Author .

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