What Lies Beyond The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone?

About a year ago, Eliud Kipchoge, a marathon runner set out to have another attempt at running a marathon under two hours. Something that was definitely outside his comfort zone. Possibly yours too, especially if you are not a runner. Despite being a runner myself, running a marathon in this time is way out of my league, and reality. So, I have incredible admiration for these incredible athletes. However, the lesson here is not really about how you can run a marathon or break a record. It’s about what you can achieve when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

“It’s like the first man to go to the moon. It’s about telling people that the only limit is in their minds.” Eliud Kipchoge

Breaking the boundaries of what we think is possible

He did it. Eliud completed a marathon under two hours. An amazing accomplishment. Furthermore, he thought and acted outside his comfort zone. He had the right mindset, a plan, a strategy and a team to support him (and some pretty cool gear!) The right mindset is predominantly about belief. He certainly had an unshakeable belief in his abilities to achieve this success.

Belief and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is essential to growth and fulfilment. You see, we are creatures of habit, and we have a tendency to fall back into what is comfortable. However, we cannot grow in our comfort zone. So the key is to step outside this place frequently.

You operate by habit most of the day, the familiar and comfortable

Our brains likes to preserve energy, which is why we create habits. They make our lives easier and help us automate what we do regularly. They mean we don’t have to re-learn how to tie our shoelaces or operate a vehicle once learnt. However, as we operate by habit anything from forty-five to ninety-five percent of our day, being comfortable becomes the norm. We operate on old thought patterns and behavioural habits that don’t necessarily lead us to the success we desire. And of course, growth only ever happens outside our comfort zone. However, stepping out of our comfort zone necessitates some level of discomfort, doubt or fear. Something we prefer to avoid. Finding our desire, passion and ‘why,’ being committed to our goals must occur to help with this.

Summarised succinctly below:

“I’m sending a message to every individual in this world that when you work hard, when you actually concentrate, when you set your priorities high, when you actually set your goals, and put them in your heart and in your mind, you will accomplish, without any question.” Eliud Kipchoge

What lies the other side of your comfort zone?

If you need further proof, simply reflect back to the days before Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. Even his coach thought it impossible and others thought that his heart might explode!

Just 46 days later, John Landy also broke this record. Now, it is the new benchmark and over 1490 people have achieved this milestone. Try sprinkling a bit of possibility and desire into your life. What could you achieve if you didn’t let your invisible barriers and beliefs hold you back? What could you achieve in your business? Personal life, adventures, challenges or relationships? Furthermore, what unseen potential could you tap into?

With a plan, the right mindset and determination there are amazing riches the other side of your comfort zone.

Take a few minutes and jot down all the things you have thought about doing but delayed, or those things that scare you a bit. What about those secret desires you haven’t shared or the one thing that scares you a little bit. Yet you yearn to give a go?

Take one and commit. Make a plan and take the first step. Remember what Eliud says. When you set your goals and put them in your heart and mind you will accomplish them. Now you just have to keep going. Remember you need desire, determination, and a resolute mindset for success so you can go forth and achieve amazing things. Live more on the edge of your comfort zone.

About the Author

Mandy Napier BSC (Sunshine Coast, Australia)

Mandy Napier BSC, owner of Mindset for Success is a Global Mindset & Performance Coach who coaches professionals to strengthen their mental and emotional game to achieve extraordinary results. Equipping them with cutting edge tools and techniques, and helping them re-wire their brains, transformations are the expectation and results guaranteed.

To contact and connect with Mandy:-

Web: www.mindsetforsuccess.com.au

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Known as the ‘Mindset Alchemist,’ Mandy Napier is a Global Mindset & Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, Educator, Facilitator and Author .

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Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier

Known as the ‘Mindset Alchemist,’ Mandy Napier is a Global Mindset & Peak Performance Coach, Speaker, Educator, Facilitator and Author .

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